La boite concept

A boundless enthusiasm for high fidelity sound enabled the creators of La Boite Concept to come up with loudspeaker cabinets that are out of this world!

Three generations of the Cagniard family enabled this project to come to fruition as what unites grandmother Marie to her son Thierry and her grandsons Guillaume and Timothée is quite simply sound – of music, that is.

It is precisely innovation that launched La Boite Concept when it produced a hi-fi speaker system for laptop computers called LD, as in Laptop Dock. Protected by numerous international patents, this unique object is, above all, a very high quality loudspeaker system.

Although La Boite Concept has maintained an office in Paris, it decided in 2013 to set up its production, R&D laboratory and international trading centre in Ustaritz in the Basque Country.


In several pictures, their Cube Corian Hi-Fi speaker is associated with our Kouet sofa.

If you want to find out more about La Boite Concept, don’t hesitate to visit their website: