Silvia Ceñal’s Interview

Author of the Abric collection presented this year, Silvia is a young designer full of talent that comes from San Sebastian. We asked her some questions about her career and her way of thinking design …


How do you define your design?

Simple, personal and colorful.


What brought you to furniture design?

The desire to create pieces that fit into the everyday life of anyone. I dare believe that my objects bring a feeling of quality and well-being in the spaces they furnish … The essential point being obviously, that they are functional.

Once graduated, how did your career start?

Several years elapsed between the end of my studies and the beginning of my career in furniture design. In the meantime, I worked in different graphic studios and took lessons in interior architecture and furniture design. My collaboration with Stone Designs made me realize how important furniture design was for me.

Why did you open your own design studio?

For a while, I combined my work at Stone Designs with the creation of my own objects. That’s when I realized that it was possible to devote myself completely to the creation of my line of objects. The idea of liberty seems to me very appealing and such an adventure attracted me enormously.

Wood appears to be your favorite material. Any particular reason?

Wood interests me a lot because it is a living material that evolves with time. Its presence is pleasant and warm, people like to touch it, to be surrounded by it. The great variety of tree species and finishes that exists allows wood to play the leading role in my creations.


Apart from wood, is there any other material you would like to work on?

I would love to work on cork. It is an ecological material that allows many possibilities.

Why is color important in your creations?

I think that color brings personality to the object. Depending on the object, I like to propose different combinations and ranges of colors.


If you had to choose another designer’s object, which one would it be? 

The Twiggy lamp designed by Marc Sadler for Foscarini. I find this lamp subtle, elegant and timeless. It shrugs off time and adapts to any kind of space.