The label Entreprise du patrimoine Vivant for Bosc !

The 2019 is starting with great news as Bosc just received the label Entreprise du patrimoine Vivant (corporate living heritage)!

The label Entreprise du patrimoine Vivant (EPV) is a mark of recognition, implemented to distinguish French companies with craftsmanship and industrial excellence.

Based on a very rigorous selection procedure, its objective is to enhance the high-tech, creativity or cultural impact of manufacturing activities. Among the companies boosting this label are the silversmith Christofle, the violin makes Bois d’harmonie, the cutler Graveline and the caterer Potel et Chabot.

At a more local level, we find prestigious colleagues such as Pyrenex, the manufacturer of down jackets, Moutet weaving, pottery manufacturer Goicoetchea or the saddler Devoucoux.

Here is a video presenting the Label :